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Areas of Expertise

search engine optimization (seo) strategy

SEO is about getting your business found online by potential customers. It can take time and tedious effort. As a startup, SMB, or busy marketing department, you don’t have that time.

Fortunately for you, Carolyn loves SEO, and she’s got the time for your marketing needs. Make sure you’re getting found by searchers looking for your products or service.

conversion optimization + copywriting

Made a website, but still have no leads coming from digital? It might be that you’re not optimized for conversion. Conversion is just people taking an action to get a step closer to buying your product or service.

If you’re not getting enough forms filled out on your site, your phone’s not ringing, or your inbox is empty, you may need more copy on your site that encourages action from clients. A writer for over 10 years, Carolyn understands what needs to be said to get people to take action.

site audits

Something’s wrong with your site, but you’re not quite sure what’s going on. And you definitely don’t have time to troubleshoot and figure out why everything’s not working or why your site isn’t showing up in search engine results.

If this sounds like you, it sounds like you need a site audit. Site audits are extensive research projects (Carolyn’s fave!) that involve searching every nook and cranny for your site’s issues and making the best recommendations for fixes.

Not sure if your site needs an audit? Let’s chat!

Digital marketing strategy

Not enough leads coming in to your small business? Digital marketing can help. When leads from word of mouth and referrals begin to slow down, a good digital marketing strategy can help build that number back up.

Even if your word of mouth referrals are bringing in business, it’s crucial to have an online presence for those researching your services online. Whether you’re a new business or an established presence—Carolyn can tailor a digital strategy fit to your needs.

website development

All businesses need a basic website at a minimum. Potential customers look online for things like a website, reviews, and other online markers before making a purchase.

A website helps legitimize any business—and if your company needs one, Carolyn can get you there. No matter your desired CMS (or maybe you don’t even care what that acronym stands for), Search Hermit can help.


Are you a designer? Developer? Social media marketer? Have your current clients asked for SEO help, and you’re not 100% sure you can get them exactly what they need?

Fret not! Carolyn is open to new partnerships with other marketers and designers. Search Hermit can work through your preferred contact method to get your existing clients found online.

All the services I offer to my clients, I can offer to yours. Let’s talk!

content strategy + creation

Businesses know they need content online. It’s how search engines like Google figure out what your site is about and rank it in search results.

But content strategy and creation can be slow and most people don’t want to spend time writing for their business—they want to actually do business.

With Search Hermit, your content strategy and writing needs are handled in one. Heck, she’ll even post it on your site for you.

digital marketing coaching

Know the basics of marketing, but want to take it to the next level? Carolyn with Search Hermit can get you there.

Whether you’re brand new, have started something and need some guidance along the way, or are neck-deep and need someone to pull you out, Carolyn expertly coaches clients of all levels.

Analytics + technology consulting

Marketing is driven by data. It’s crucial that you have the information you need to make decisions that aren’t based on gut feelings—but are based on the facts.

In order to get the facts, you need analytics technology. Carolyn helps clients set up the basics, adjust their current technology as their business changes, and set up new analytics tools as the company grows.

Need to know how to make the best marketing decisions? Let’s get you some data.

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