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Welcome to Search Hermit

Hey y’all,

I’m excited to announce that Search Hermit is officially launched!

I’ve worked in SEO, content, and digital marketing for almost 10 years (yikes), and along the way I’ve always had people ask me, “Do you do this on the side? I could use some help.”

And I’ve always replied, “Freelancing taxes are awful!”

::insert facepalm::

When I finally did take on a few side projects because my contacts referred them to me—it was like opening a portal to another world. I forgot how exciting it is to work with SMBs directly, helping them learn and grow.

My waves of imposter syndrome that happen all day every day at my full time job melted away because these business saw me as the expert. Go figure.

You know why? It’s because I am the expert. (More on imposter syndrome another time.)

I invite you to look around my new site (send me feedback if you see fit!), sign up for my newsletter to get the latest, stay tuned for big things to come, and find me on social channels (check the top left corner).

Thank you all for your support and love.

Let’s do awesome things!

Carolyn Lyden