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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing Strategy for Women-Owned Businesses

Starting and growing your business is hard. And it can be even harder for women. “U.S. female-founded startups have raised just 2.2 percent of venture capital investment in 2018,” according to TechCrunch. Not only does this mean less money for female business owners—but less guidance in areas where they need it most. Search Hermit is here to help.

Many SMBs often rely on word of mouth referrals and paid advertising to drive business when first starting out. But when leads from those sources start dropping or running dry—what do you have left?

Search engine optimization (SEO) means creating a website that meets the needs of your target audience and structuring that site to make it easy for search engines to find it, crawl it, and serve it to users in search engine results.

Ever wonder how the top search results get there? They’ve been working on their SEO since the beginning.

If you feel like you’re already behind, don’t worry. Search Hermit can help. Whether you need someone to turn your SEO and content strategies around 180* or you need someone to show you how to do it yourself, Carolyn with Search Hermit helps businesses of all sizes scale their SEO quickly and effectively.

Search Hermit helps businesses come out of their shells and get found.



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How can Search Hermit help?

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) means your website is easily found and understood by both search engines (like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc.) and people. The SEO process ensures both the technical and on-page website elements are primed for being found online.

Don’t leave your SEO up to impersonal agencies that treat you like a number in their system. Get a customized SEO audit, plan, and even coaching from an expert with almost 10 years experience helping companies small and large grow their SEO traffic.

conversion copywriting

Carolyn believes that content and copywriting should be focused on the user, where they are in the buying process (research, awareness, readiness to buy), and your unique product or service benefits.

She knows that people who want a hole in the wall don’t care about the inner workings of the drill. Conversion-focused copywriting is about knowing the user first and foremost. Carolyn will do the work to understand the user you’re trying to reach—and the best way to convince them that your solution is the answer to their problems.


Not sure what your digital marketing strategy is missing? Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the small things that may be escaping your team.

Carolyn audits, creates, and manages digital strategy for businesses who want to grow quickly—planning and executing coordinated marketing campaigns including SEO, paid advertising, social media, PR, and more. Regardless of your business size, a digital marketing strategy is crucial, and Carolyn can help.

website development

According to a study by, only 64% of small businesses have a website. While word of mouth often provides the best types of customers, even those referred by a friend will check you out online before they invest in your product or service.

Carolyn helps small businesses develop easy to use, basic business websites to ensure they are available online. Established businesses can also call on her expertise to find and fix any issues with existing websites. And enterprise companies find Carolyn’s digital prowess invaluable in stakeholder conversations about SEO and information architecture.

content Audits, planning, and creation

Everything online (and off!) is content if you truly consider it. Some of it you can’t always control (user reviews, news about your business), but the content that you can control should be well thought out and measurable.

A content audit and plan from Carolyn at Search Hermit considers your business, your target audience, and if your readers are ready to buy. With a customized content strategy, your business can prompt online site visitors to become customers easier than ever. If you need help writing your content, Carolyn just happens to do that too. ;)

Marketing coaching

For many marketers at businesses of all sizes—small, medium, and enterprise—oftentimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Marketing coaching from Carolyn at Search Hermit can help you become a better marketing expert in the areas that you feel you’re lacking.

Want to get some hands-on SEO help? Need to know what KPIs actually matter for your efforts? Want to learn the best ways to ideate a content strategy and the easiest plans for execution? Carolyn can come to your business for one-on-one coaching or a group marketing offsite (or heck, onsite, if that’s your jam). Get your team on the same page with a marketing coaching session!



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