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Entrepreneurship Mentoring

Own Your Own Future


Ready to be your own boss?

My mother told me my whole life that she just knew I’d open my own business. I’d always told her, “I’m comfy where I am with my sweet desk job and vacation benefits.”

But mother knows best, and after I turned 30 I asked myself, “Why have I spent my whole life building up other people’s businesses?” Don’t get me wrong. I learned a lot along the way, but it was time to take everything I’d learned and use to to build my own venture.

And I’m passionate about helping other women do the same. I can’t tell you how many times women have told me, “I wish I could be brave like you and open my own business.” And I always tell them “YOU CAN.“ And I want to help you.

Entrepreneurship Mentorship Packages

If you’re ready to work for yourself, work from anywhere, and work for the type of clients you love, let’s chat. My entrepreneurship coaching and consultations are personalized based on your goals and where you’re at. Whether you need ongoing consultations or a one-off call to have your butt kicked, I’m ready (oh and so are you!).

  • 6-Weeks 1:1 Entrepreneurship Mentorship

  • 3-Weeks 1:1 Entrepreneurship Mentorship

  • 1-Time Entrepreneurship Consultation