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Content Strategy + Creation

Content is King, Right?

content creation and strategy

We hear it time and time again having a content strategy is crucial, as is creating high-quality content—but why?

The thirst for knowledge is a part of human nature. We always want to know more, learn more, figure it out, and find solutions to our problems. This is why we turn to various brands and businesses time and times again because they can help answer our questions and provide us with the solutions we need.

Behind those answers, however, is the content strategy and creation process. With over 1.6 billion websites online (and growing), the answers to life’s popular questions don’t appear out of thin air.

The right answers are all presented to readers through proper content strategy and content creation, and that’s why content strategy is essential for all even businesses, especially startups.

What Does It Mean to Have a Content Strategy?

A content strategy is one of the many steps involved in content marketing. In fact, it is often considered the strategy behind the creation and publication of useful content. To simplify it further, content strategy helps a brand manage all of the content that they have at their disposal.

However, before we can create a content strategy, we must have content first.

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What Is Content Creation?

Content creation is the actual process of creating topic ideas that will appeal to your target audience. It then involves creating valuable content around those ideas and then making them accessible to your audience via any number of digital channels, such as:

  • Your website

  • A blog

  • Video

  • Infographic

  • Whitepapers

  • Checklists

  • Email newsletter

  • Case Studies and more

Why Is Content So Vital?

Content is vital for our overall marketing strategy because it does several different things.

First of all, it allows us to demonstrate our expertise in our given niche. For example, Search Hermit provides information on SEO strategy and digital marketing because that is our area of expertise. We then share it with those seeking out information on those topics.

Next, it helps to open up honest lines of communication between our followers and us. People see that we have answers to their questions, so they check out our content and help them choose if they want to contact us for more.

Finally, it helps to drive more traffic where we want it. With proper search engine optimization, people will have access to the topics that we excel in, and that’s all thanks to having created content and putting it out there to be searched for.

What Types of Content Do I Need?

Defining the types of content that each brand needs comes down to their individual niches and the needs of their audience.

Before we create our content strategy or any piece of content, we first ask ourselves these questions:

  • Who is this content for?

  • What need/problem is this piece of information going to solve?

  • How would our audience best digest this material?

  • Where will our audience find this information?

From there, we can decide the topic, who are looking for answers to that topic, what format they would prefer it in (video, blog, etc.) and where they will find it, such as on our website, social media platforms or even through our email marketing efforts.


How Can Search Hermit Help Build a Content Strategy for Startups?

My name is Carolyn Lyden, and I know that content strategy and creation can be a slow, arduous process that can easily be put on the back burner for those trying to conduct their everyday business. That’s why I provide content strategy for startups and larger enterprises alike. My services not only include a content strategy to work with, but I also help handle the creation process and will even post it to your site for you.

No industry is too unique or “unmarketable” in my eyes—so if you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact me today so we can set up a time to talk your content strategy and creation needs.