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Beyond Keywords

beyond keywords

A Comprehensive SEO Course for Beginners
Opening Oct. 1, 2019

Beyond Keywords is a comprehensive, newbie-focused course to help those wanting to get into SEO.

Many people think SEO is “just keywords,” but this course will take you beyond the basics to learn the inside scoop into how search engines work, how to set up local listings, how to do keyword research, and so much more.

You’ll learn this and so much more:

  • How search engines work (and why it matters for your websites)

  • What is technical SEO? And what are the basics I need for a good site?

  • Why on-page SEO matters for search engines and how to implement it

  • How to write content for your website that serves site visitors AND search engines

  • How to measure your website’s success (and keep improving on it)

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