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About Carolyn

Laser-Focused. Performance-Driven. Self-Directed.

What people are saying about Carolyn’s work

“With her knack for all things digital and an infectious personality, not only has she evolved our entire SEO practice through results for the business but has become a wealth of knowledge for our team.

Carolyn went above and beyond in using her position as our SEO expert to arm all of our new (and old) team members with an understanding of SEO and how it can help them succeed in their individual roles. Her initiative here led our entire team to success in generating more inbound traffic and leads for our team.”

-Nancy R.

“Carolyn thinks critically about every project she’s given, and often is already working on a plan long before someone else enlists her expertise. She helped build out our SEO team at a pivotal moment in our growth from a startup to a more established brand in digital marketing. What impresses me the most about Carolyn is her willingness to take initiative and dive into any problem that she notices.

She ended up producing reports every week for over a year that were useful in helping many of us manage the company’s growth, as well as identify performance issues before they became major problems. I highly recommend Carolyn for any role that requires a sharp, self-directed, critical thinking, performance-focused marketer.”

- Mark S.

“Carolyn is an extremely savvy marketer who understands how to reach a digital audience. She is laser-focused and driven to be successful. Her quest to always be learning is super impressive and an asset in the fast changing digital marketing landscape. She is a pleasure to work with an infectious can-do attitude along with a sharp wit.”

-Bill B.


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About Carolyn

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Carolyn Lyden

Carolyn grew up spending weekends helping the family business. From a clan of go-getters, she helped stuff envelopes, listened in on weekly business meetings, and even threw in a few suggestions every now and then.

This experience led her to love helping small businesses grow and learn. She wishes to be the consultant her family needed so many years ago.

Carolyn loves to dive into unusual industries and has developed strategies for that work for anyone: plastic surgeons, ballroom dance studios, fine art studios, commercial glass manufacturers, funeral home management companies, B2B SaaS, and more.

No industry is too unique or “unmarketable.”

Carolyn loves the marketing and SEO communities and credits a lot of what she learns from others in the industry sharing their experience. As such, she loves coaching businesses—small and large, startup to enterprise—on how to make SEO part of their marketing lifestyle. Not just an add-on. It’s easier than you think.

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Master of Business Administration
Concentration: Marketing

Bachelor of Arts
Majors: English Literature + Writing/Communication
Minor: Psychology