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Areas of Expertise

Don’t have time to get everything on your to do list done? Or maybe you just don’t feel like you have the level of expertise needed for a certain project, and want another set of eyes. Either way, Carolyn can help. Check out her areas of expertise to see where she can best fit in to you marketing strategy. Or complete a contact form and she can help you figure it out.

About Carolyn

Carolyn comes from a writing background, which led her to SEO. Who knew a creative-at-heart could love a spreadsheet so much? Because her family owned a small business, she understands the unique challenges SMBs and startups face. And she’s just the person to take on those challenges for your team.

Carolyn’s Work

While Carolyn comes from a small business background, she’s worked with all sizes of businesses throughout her career. Check out how she’s helped businesses get started, stay steady through a quick-growth phase, and continue digital expansion even after becoming established.